Wireless Connection to the Leica Scan Station C10 Using Cyclone Scan Control

1. Plug the Windy wireless USB stick into the front of the C10.

2. Wait for the “Leica C10 126**** WiFi” wireless connection to appear in the wireless connections, found at the bottom right of the laptop’s screen, and click “Connect”.

wireless1 wireless1

3. Once connected, you will see this wireless icon, with a yellow exclamation mark, indicating you are connected via a non-secure network.

4. Open Cyclone, click “Configure” then click “Scanners”.

wireless1 wireless1

5. If there is a scanner listed, skip to step 6. If no C10 scanner is already added, click “Add”, enter a name for the scanner, ignore the IP address, and click “OK”.

6. Ensure the check box under the glasses is checked, and press “Close”.

wireless1 wireless1

7. Expand the “Scanners” folder by clicking on the + icon, right click on the scanner you just added, and select “Open”.

8. Either select your existing project, or create and select one, then press “OK”.

wireless1 wireless1

9. Select the “Scanner” menu from the top, and click on “Connect”.

10. Once the scanner is found, click “OK” and after a short wait (less than a minute) you will be able to control the scanner via the Scan window.

wireless1 wireless1

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