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The top benefits of 3D laser scanning for land surveyors

April 23, 2014

Laser scanners are now go-to measurement tools for land surveyors, with professionals around the world turning to the technology to improve their data collection and project outcomes. However, 3D laser scanners are more than just tools to measure vast distances and gather pin-point information on as-is conditions – the technology is a solution to many of the challenges land surveyors have encountered for years.

According to an article on the future of land surveying for industry news source Point of Beginning, land surveyors can no longer just find issues – they must become stewards of boundaries and properties to truly help solve ongoing issues. It is this need for solutions that 3D laser scanning shines. Land surveyors need to be able to consult with clients, and 3D laser scanning can help them do just that.

Here are just five of the top advantages 3D laser scanning gives land surveyors:

Cut field time
Mapping a property or space can take a considerable amount of time and money, but 3D laser scanners are fast, easy to use and accurate, greatly reducing field time and helping surveyors stay within budget by preventing rework. This allows surveyors to concentrate more on what the data means than on the data collection itself. Laser scanners' speed and accuracy can also be used to create 3D models, which surveyors can use to showcase their solutions to clients.

3D laser scanners come in a variety of different platforms and types, allowing land surveying professionals to use the right tool for the job every time. From aerial mapping to mobile laser scanning, various solutions mean flexibility for surveyors, who so often have to work around obstacles to measure properties.

Accurately reconstruct spaces
Traditional measuring techniques can only be so accurate. 3D laser scanning objectively measures spaces so every angle is precisely calculated with little room for error. This means digital models are incredibly accurate, showing the true conditions of the space. When surveyors speak to clients about solutions, having pin-point data and models at their fingertips can ensure a complete picture of each property.

Collect highly precise data for realistic drawings
Because laser scanners can meticulously assess spaces, the data they collect can be used to create maps with the latest software. According to the Illinois Center for Transportation, highly accurate drawings and models are some of the key benefits of the technology.

Lessen impact of surveyor shortage
The article in POB noted surveyors are becoming few and far between. 3D laser scanning can help reduce the effects of a surveyor shortage because it allows these professionals to take on multiple projects at once without overloading themselves with work. Laser scanners' accuracy and speed allows surveyors to reduce the time they spend on each project, allowing them to be more productive. 

Land surveying and 3D laser scanning fit well together, and the benefits of laser scanners can help land surveyors take on more of a consultative role with their clients.