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SmartGeoMetrics Announced as First Reseller for P3dsystems

April 14, 2013

From SPAR International

Colorado Springs, CO … (April 15, 2013) SmartGeoMetrics™, a division of SmartMultiMedia™, Inc., and p3dsystems GmbH announced that SmartGeoMetrics has acquired the first ProScan G-Series kinematic terrestrial laser scanning system in the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, SmartGeoMetrics has been selected as the first reseller for p3dsystems products.

The ProScan G-Series includes the ProScan G101, a GNSS based portable laser scanning system, and ProScan PCloud, a smart and user friendly post processing software suite. The ProScan G101 provides unparalleled productivity, mobility, and flexibility in field data capture. Users can utilize today’s latest scanners such as the Leica HDS7000 or Z+F 5010 Imager as a mobile scanner by attaching them to the ProScan G101. The ProScan G101 can then be used on a wheeled dolly or attached to the operator with a specially designed vest for traversing difficult terrain or stairways. The operator can then control the collected point density by simply altering the speed that he or she is walking. The PCloud Software uses intelligent processing technology (iPT) to integrate the data from GNSS, an IMU, and the laser scanner to produce stunning results as quickly as the scene was scanned.

According to Sam Billingsley, Vice President at SmartGeoMetrics, “We are extremely excited to offer services with and sales of the G-Series. With its versatility and rapid data collection the G-Series hits a sweet spot for projects that are too big for terrestrial scanning but too small for traditional mobile or airborne systems”.

About SmartGeoMetrics™, Inc.

SmartGeoMetrics™ is a 3D Imaging and Support Services company providing equipment rental, hardware and software sales, training and experienced market-focused support services on an international level. Our laser scanner inventory is the largest in the industry including the latest Leica 3D Laser scanners, targets, hi-res digital panoramic camera gear and a full-range of accessories. SmartGeoMetrics is dedicated to providing products and services that generate the greatest possible return on investment for our customers. We utilize our experience in the industry to seek and provide technologies that will add a competitive advantage to those who invest with us. Accordingly, all services are accomplished in an efficient and professional manner, always respecting the time and resources of our customers.

About P3dsystems, GmbH

p3dsystems is a high tech spinoff from Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany. p3dsystems builds, develops and markets professional solutions for 3D data acquisition and the representation of resulting data and information. P3dsystems products and services set new standards in terms of productivity, flexibility and precision. The young venture company is poised to bring kinematic laser scanning with unparalleled productivity and versatility to the reality capturing and visualization markets.

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